This Open Book is Actually a Speaker and a Multicolored Light

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

Need to add a little design flair to your bookcase? Urban Outiftters, home to the most offbeat of accessories, has a pretty cool book for you. No, it’s not one of those random joke books Urban Outfitters usually carries — this one’s ditched words for lights and sounds.

The Wireless Bluetooth Light-Up Hidden Book Speaker, when closed, can pass for a hardcover book with a pretty tasteful brown cover. Open it up, and you get a charming little design piece. There’s paper inside that fans out to look like an open book with its pages magically held up in the air — if you’re doing a Harry Potter-themed room, this is money.

LED lights from below shine up into the paper, turning the pages into a lampshade that mutes the different hues into pleasing colors. That probably would have been enough, but just for fun, they threw in a Bluetooth speaker and a remote that can control the lights and audio alike.

The Wireless Bluetooth Light-Up Hidden Book Speaker is available from Urban Outfitters now for $60. That’s pretty pricey for a novelty, but for anyone trying to cover their home in library chic, it looks like a great add!

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