This Invisible Jet is the Most Adorable Wonder Woman Toy You’ll Find Anywhere

The Limited edition Wonder Woman set will debut at SDCC

In celebration of the triumphant Wonder Woman action film, Entertainment Earth is debuting a new limited edition collectible set at SDCC that includes the iconic invisible jet. There’s no shortage of Wonder Woman collectibles on the market but Entertainment Earth has a very special addition to the Wonder Woman collectible world that they are presenting at SDCC in July.

The limited edition and numbered Wonder Woman Evolution Pin Mate Wooden Figurine set includes four Wonder Woman figurines and an invisible jet. Each figurine represents the Wonder Woman of a different age and all of them fit together inside Wonder Woman’s signature invisible jet.
The figurines sport different versions of Wonder Woman’s classic superhero outfit that were used in different eras throughout her history. There is a Golden Age figurine, a Silver Age figurine, New Wonder Woman and Rebirth Wonder Woman.

This set is a limited edition of just 1200. Each one is numbered and has a holographic authenticity sticker. It’s a great set for collectors to have and it’s something every Wonder Woman fan would be happy to have. But, you can only get it at SDCC in July. The set won’t be on sale until it debuts at SDCC.

You can pre-order the set from the Entertainment Earth website, but that doesn’t guarantee you a set. The sets will be sold exclusively at SDCC throughout the run of the con. If there are any left pre-orders will be filled in August.

The overwhelming success of Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman live action film starring Gal Gadot has sparked new interest in Wonder Woman collectibles. So if you’re a collector now is the time to scoop up exclusives like the Wonder Woman Evolution Pin Mate Wooden Figurine set while you can. And if you can’t make it to SDCC this year but you want to get your hands on one of these sets try to get a friend to pick one up for you at the con. There is no guarantee that there will be any left. Once the 1200 existing sets are sold there won’t be another set of these figurines with the invisible jet.

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