Jaguar Land Rover Just Invested Tons of Money and Vehicles in Lyft to Work on Self-Driving Cars

Instead of trying to build their own self-driving tech, Lyft is trying to get other self-driving cars on their platform.

While Uber has been busy getting sued for stealing self-driving technology, watching their corporate leadership team crumble, and dreaming about whatever this is, Lyft has been a bit more cautious. Instead of building their own self-driving car tech, the ride-hailing competitor to Uber has been figuring out how to get other self-driving cars on their platform. Previously, they’ve done that by partnering with the likes of Waymo (formerly Google’s self-driving car program), self-driving startup NuTonomy, and GM. We can now add British auto giant Jaguar Land Rover to that list.

Jaguar Land Rover has invested $25 million in Lyft and will provide an undetermined number of vehicles for self-driving tests, according to an announcement made on Monday. The money is actually coming from InMotion Ventures, a division of Jaguar Land Rover recently created to accelerate self-driving efforts.

The money won’t be going towards Lyft developing their own technology — Jaguar Land Rover already does that, and plans to test their own self-driving cars in the UK starting this year. Meanwhile, Waymo is working with Chrysler to put self-driving tech in the latter’s vehicles, which could also end up on Lyft’s ride-hailing platform in the future. Add that to the $500 million Lyft secured from GM in 2015, and Lyft suddenly looks like a very real threat to Uber, both now and in the future.

Via The Verge

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