This Lantern-Bluetooth Speaker Combo is Ready for 4th of July BBQs

Kichler’s simple, elegant lantern comes with a speaker that should perform well outdoors.

Summer camping season is in full swing, and that means we’ve got a bunch of sweet new outdoors tech to sift through! Here’s one handy potential addition to your pack — an LED lantern with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Good camping is all about consolidation, right?

Well, the lantern from Kichler isn’t exactly backpack size, but if you’re taking the car out with you, it’ll make for a great companion. The lantern gives off a nice warm glow, while the base has a 3-watt Bluetooth speaker with a 30-foot range. That’s a pretty good range if you want to leave your phone in the car so it doesn’t get lost in the dark.

The lantern seems like it’ll have good battery life, too. It runs on rechargeable batteries, and Kichler says to expect five hours per charge. That would probably get you through an evening, but chances are you can expect better performance than that — five hours assumes that the light is turned up to full brightness and the speaker is playing at max volume.

The lantern will also work well as a stationary lighting fixture, if you want to put it poolside or in a backyard. It’s only rated for damp conditions, though, so maybe don’t do any cannonballs nearby!

Kichler usually sells their stuff through lighting showrooms, so keep an eye out for this lantern at specialty lighting or home improvement stores.

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