Lady Gaga Partners with Starbucks for Some Special Dairy-Free Drinks

She’s raising money for her Born This Way Foundation with the new Cups of Kindness program.

After all the super heavy unicorn and mermaid frappuccinos at Starbucks this spring, things are starting to lighten up. Lady Gaga is working with Starbucks to create the Cups of Kindness program, which will feature four non-dairy drinks to help raise money for her Born This Way Foundation.

Just because they’re getting away from mythical creatures doesn’t mean they’re getting away from color! All four drinks are representing the rainbow, including the two new drinks being created just for the program. One new drink, the green-tinged Matcha Lemonade, sounds amazing for the hot days we’re about to get — ground matcha green tea with lemonade and ice. The other, the violet drink, goes dairy substitute by using coconut milk along with Starbucks’ Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher and ice.

Starbucks will also include their existing Ombré Pink Drink and Pink Drink, the latter of which will only be part of the Cups of Kindness program in the United States. For any drink that is part of the Cups of Kindness program worldwide, Starbucks will donate 25 cents from each drink sold. Considering how many drinks Starbucks sells worldwide, that’s potentially a ton of money, but a minimum of $250,000 has been set just in case.

The Born This Way Foundation got its start in 2012 with the mission to promote kindness and compassion. It’s done that by encouraging young people to discover and report acts of kindness in their communities. Recently, the foundation has been doing more to promote mental health research and awareness.

It’s also taken aim at cyberbullying with the Hack Harassment initiative. Along with Intel and Vox Media, the foundation gets on campuses, helping students speak out about harassment. The money from the foundation goes to grants to help those students then figure out how to decrease online harassment, making the internet a more pleasant place for everyone.

Long story short, if Starbucks can make the internet a brighter place with unicorns and by cutting down on online harassment, they’ll have had an awfully good year! Cups of Kindness will be raising money for the Born This Way Foundation from today to June 19 — if the hot weather gets you thirsty, you know where to go.

Via Refinery29

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