The First Lego Justice League Give Us a Few Little Teasers Ahead of the Movie

The three sets include minifigs of all the DC superheroes teaming up this November.

At this point, it’s practically tradition for Lego sets to reveal little secrets about major superhero movies before they hit theaters. That’s not exactly the case with these Justice League sets — thanks to an additional scene in the extended version of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, we already knew that Steppenwolf was going to be the main villain of Justice League. So, maybe no surprises, but we do get looks at that Parademon army, the Mother Boxes at the heart of the story, and more importantly, more Wonder Woman!

If you want the set that gets almost the whole squad together (big shock — you have to get all three sets to get all six Justice League members), you’ll want to check out the Flying Fox: Batmobile Airlift Attack set. It’s the exact combination you want — awesome minifigs with kitted out vehicles. The Flying Fox has two of the spring-loaded shooters Lego is putting on everything these days, plus two stud shooters, two rear boosters, and a cockpit that fits two minifigs. Which minifigs? You’ve got six — Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman (with shield and sword!), Cyborg, and two flying Parademons (the wing elements look pretty cool!). There’s also a Steppenwolf figure, but fortunately for the Justice League, he’s a bit too big to fit in the cockpit. There’s a Mother Box in there, too, because everyone’s got to be fighting over something.

Lego is also dropping two smaller sets that get Aquaman and the Flash in the action. The Flash shows up in the Knightcrawler Tunnel Attack set, because as we all know, Batman gets all the cool vehicles. The Flash gets himself two Power Blasts, while Batman gets a batarang and, you know, the whole Knightcrawler thing. The four-legged tank has poseable limbs when built, which is a pretty cool little detail we don’t always see in Lego sets. There are also two Parademons, who seem overmatched.

Aquaman gets his own set, because the other members are pretty useless underwater (alright, I guess besides Superman). The Battle of Atlantis set has Aquaman with a new scale armor torso, along with two Atlantean guards. They’re trying to fight off a pesky Parademon trying to make off with another one of those Mother Boxes. They’re hot items! This is the cheapest set, and doesn’t have too much in the way of supporting buildings — it’s mostly for the minfigs and all the weapon accessories.

We’d be indignant about the lack of a Wonder Woman-centric set, but Lego already dropped the pretty awesome Warrior Battle set with Diana, Steve, Ares, and a sweet fighter plane earlier this year, so we’re good. All three of the new sets will be available on August 1 — the Flying Fox set will cost $130, the Knightcrawler set will cost $50, and the Atlantis set will cost $20.

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