Here are the First 5 Lego Sets Based on the Lego Ninjago Movie

Lego has a whopping 18 sets planned ahead of their next feature film!

Lego and Warner Bros. have this thing down to a science. With The Lego Movie and The Lego Batman Movie in the brick books as successes, the duo is keeping the good times rolling with The Lego Ninjago Movie. Based on the original Lego idea of mashing up ninjas with mechs, the movie is once again packed with stars and zaniness, pitting a secret ninja warrior and his crew up against his greatest enemy — his dad.

We’re excited for the movie, but what we’re really here for are the sets. And oh man, Lego did not hold back this time. There have been plenty of Ninjago sets in the past, but that didn’t stop Lego from preparing 18 more featuring the movie’s characters and settings. The whole slate will be revealed tomorrow, but Lego is giving us a sneak peek of five of them today.

The largest of the five is Destiny’s Bounty, the 2,295-piece ninja ship that doubles as Master Wu’s training base for the ninjas. In addition to the two rad dragon heads on the ship’s prow (why have just one?), the ship has three separate levels you can build, all with tons of details to explore. There’s even a ninja toilet in there, so credit to Lego for attention to detail! Oh, and this should go without saying, but besides the minifigures, there are going to be loads of ninja weapons accessories. Like, there’s a lot here, and it looks like there’s a variety of colors, too.

But, as cool as the ship is, you’ll remember you were promised both ninjas and mechs. The other four sets deliver both, featuring four of the mechs that will appear in the movie. Most of them won’t be friendly to the ninjas — the Flying Jelly Sub and the Ice Tank are both property of the shark army, and both sets will come with bad guy pilots and ninja protectors. The Jelly looks super cool, with dangling neon orange chains giving it a jellyfish look, while the Ice Tank has some seriously massive treads — looks like the shark army has Antarctica on lock.

The Garma Mecha Man is piloted by head evil ninja Garmadon, who has four arms and does a kind of General Grievous thing where he wield four ninja swords at once. Well, he does that when he’s not piloting this huge mech with giant jaws, anyway. Awesome, but then you see one arm is a laser shooter and the other arm is a mecha shark, and you get an idea of how sweet these sets and this movie is going to be.

The ninjas do get at least one mech on their side. The Green Ninja Mech Dragon has huge jaws itself, and you can pose the whole dragon once it’s all built. And, like any good mech, it has a bunch of thrusters on the back.

You can get all five sets on August 1, but Lego is going  to make you go on a scavenger hunt to find them all. Destiny’s Bounty ($160) and and the Green Ninja Mech Dragon ($50) will both be widely available online and in stores, but the other three are store exclusives. The Flying Jelly Sub ($30) will latch onto Walmart, the Ice Tank ($80) will roll into Toys ‘R’ Us, and the Garma Mecha Man ($60) will terrorize Target. There’s also the massive Ninjago City set coming September 1, which will end up being one of the largest Lego sets ever. It’s all coming before the movie comes out on September 22.

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