LEGO Thor Sets are Just in Time for Ragnarok

The two new sets are stocked with minifigs and settings from the upcoming movie.

With a new Marvel movie comes new merch, and some of our favorite merch consistently comes from Lego. For Thor: Ragnarok, they’ve come up big once again — literally.

As we know, the Hulk is showing up in the new movie as Gladiator Hulk, which is basically Hulk with a sweet hat. Because Hulk with a sweet hat sells itself, there was no way Lego wasn’t going to get in on that action. Their upcoming Thor vs. Hulk: Arena Clash set is taken straight from the trailer — we get the sliding gate to the arena that Hulk comes out of, plus a viewing perch for the Grandmaster and Loki. Elements like the pillars and the perch seats come apart easily, so you can have some destructive fun with the set. You’ll want to, too — while the Thor, Loki, Grandmaster, and Sakaarian Guard minifigs are cool, the real prize is the Hulk big fig (no mini here), complete with gladiator helmet. He looks ready to smash.

Once Thor and Hulk are done messing around, there are more pressing matters to attend to. The other set, The Ultimate Battle for Asgard, features buildable models of the Commodore and the Fenris Wolf. The Bruce Banner and Thor minifigs team up with Valkyrie to take down Hela, two Berserkers, and the wolf. Hela also has her sweet hat, so these two releases might represent the apex of Lego hattery. Like the arena set above, there are loads of weapon accessories to play around with, too.

The Arena and Battle sets will cost $60 and $50, respectively. The sets are getting a global launch today, but because of some chicanery that I assume Loki is involved in, the sets won’t arrive in the United States until August 1.