Moshi Vacanza Weekender Laptop Bag Review

Moshi’s weekender bag is huge and versatile.

Moshi is primarily known for battery packs and phone cases, but they also make some pretty mean bags. They have brought their thoughtful design touch to the Vacanza (rhymes with Costanza) weekender laptop bag. The Moshi Vacanza Weekender Laptop Bag is so well thought out with so many versatile features, you almost forget some of them are there. Best of all, it is an affordable weekender bag at just $200.

The first thing you notice when picking up the Vacanza is just how light it is (3.5 pounds) despite it being a sizable bag at 19.69″ x 7.09″ x 11.42″. That’s about half the weight or less of a comparable bag in canvas or leather. That is partly due to the lightweight construction materials — vegan polyurethane leather and weather-resistant polyester.

The Vacanza is practically a personal assistant in that it anticipates your travel needs so very well. For starters, Moshi conveniently worked in a slot on the side of the bag for you to slip it over the handle of your carry-on luggage, making it a great travel bag. However, be sure to check the carry-on and personal item guidelines for budget airlines, as this may exceed size restrictions by a smidge. Hey, maybe they won’t notice, right? There are also side slots that are great for keeping your boarding pass or other items that need to be kept quickly accessible.

The handles have button straps to keep them upright and easy to grab, instead of letting them flap about. It also comes with a very comfortable shoulder strap that is heavily padded and removable. The exterior pocket has the pleasing aesthetic of leather buckle straps, but really is a magnetic button closure. This is where my wallet, phone, and charging cords are going.

Inside the bag is a canyon of space. The laptop pocket is heavily padded and quite large, fitting up to a 15″ device (although you could definitely squeeze in a 17″ laptop). Conspicuously missing on the interior is additional multiple pockets for your smartphone, battery pack, passport, pens, etc. Granted, there is a ton of space for those things, just not in an organized way. The interior zipper pocket is where I ended up stashing little items that tend to roll around like makeup, USB keys, actual keys, and SD cards. There is also a little Velcro pocket for a reusable wet/dry bag, which makes the Vacanza a great option for a day at the beach or as a gym bag. It also comes with a storage bag for the bag. They really have thought of everything for a weekender with the Vacanza.

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  1. Haha I was about to say, “that bag can certainly carry a huge laptop” until I realized the main pocket isn’t actually for the laptop… 🙂

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