Animaniacs is Returning to TV with New Episodes

Rumors are that Steven Spielberg is working on bringing back his animated series.

I guess we should have seen this coming last year when the original run of the ’90s cartoon classic Animaniacs made it to Netflix. A whole lot of people must have drunk deep from that water tower — now that hard numbers exist proving how many people want to see more Animaniacs, it sounds like it’s only a matter of time until new episodes.

Then again, these rumors might end up being as a solid as a Pinky and the Brain plot. IndieWire is claiming they have exclusive inside info saying that Amblin Television and Warner Bros. are shopping around a revival series, and that Steven Spielberg, executive producer of the original series, will be involved. The report shouldn’t be taken as gospel — not only does it not name a source, it doesn’t even say the info came from an anonymous source. The word ‘source’ doesn’t appear at all!

Even if the info is accurate, there’s no guarantee this will happen. The producers would need to find a network, so they’ll need to convincingly argue that the Netflix return of the original series wasn’t just a flash in the pan. And, with the new Baywatch movie not doing as well as expected, there’s finally a sign that maybe, just maybe, there are limits to how bankable the ’90s is. They’ll also need to keep Spielberg interested along the way.

Via Indiewire

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