Nomad Rugged iPhone 7 Plus Case Review

This iPhone case is a lot tougher than it looks!

Have you ever experienced the trauma of watching your phone slip from your hand and fall to the ground? If you use your phone a lot, you’ve likely seen it happen all too often. Yet if it is nestled in a protective case you are more at ease knowing that your screen will probably survive the fall. Problem is, some of the cases designed to seriously protect your phone are bulky and heavy. However, the Rugged case from Nomad is a thin, light case that offers serious protection.

At first glance it looks like any other shell case, but it is far from ordinary. The Rugged case is one of the thinnest cases offering two-meter drop protection. It is made from a combination of polycarbonate and rubber making it flexible and helping it to absorb shock from everyday accidental drops.

As with many cases, the volume and power buttons are covered. These extended buttons work well. The mute switch is accessible via an opening in the case. The speaker ports are open and in no way should dampen sound. The opening for the lightning port is large enough so that even cables with bigger, non-standard ends can be attached with no problem. Especially when laid face down, the edge of the case extends above the screen thus further protecting from scratches. Also, the camera opening is large enough to allow you to use this case for an iPhone 6 Plus if needed.

An interesting feature is the gap that exists between the back of the phone and the case. At first I thought that perhaps it was not made to fit snugly. But in fact this gap is an integral part of the design to protect your phone. This air pocket is intended to provide extra cushion in a fall. I’m not sure how much help it provides, but it certainly doesn’t detract from design and it also prevents the back of your phone from the tiny scratches that get left on some cases. Finally the back of the case has a hexagonal pattern which aside from giving the case a cool modern look also helps to prevent scratches from marring its appearance.

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