Sling TV’s DVR Features Just Got Significantly Improved

Sling’s DVR offerings are more competitive now, but they’re still feeling a lot of heat from some newcomers.

Now that there are so many streaming TV services, competition is really heating up. That means more and more features, and the most requested features almost always involve DVR. Streaming live TV is great, but until we all have 24/7 free time, DVR is going to be non-negotiable for anyone who wants to ditch cable. Sling TV has had DVR for a while, but they might have just gotten themselves over the top this week with a new update that lifts time limits for saving shows to DVR.

Subscribers should start noticing a new Protect feature. Under Manage DVR, subscribers can now turn on ‘protect’ for any DVR recording to save it from deletion indefinitely. There are no month-long restrictions on how long it can be saved, either – as long as the recording is protected, it won’t be deleted as long as the subscription is active. Subscribers using Amazon, Android, Apple TV, Roku, and Xbox One can get more of that DVR storage, too – they can now get 50 hours worth for $5 per month, although that’s still far behind paid options from other streaming TV services or the unlimited storage from YouTube TV.

Sling TV has also added Fox channels to their DVR, which includes Fox, Fox Sports 1, FX, and National Geographic. They’ve also streamlined DVR recording by automatically putting multiple episodes from one series into its own folder, and making it possible to automatically set the DVR to record episodes from a selected series as they air. Those DVR enhancements are going live this week, and while they’ll make Sling more affordable, they’re still not the clear choice – YouTube TV and Hulu have been able to secure CBS streaming – but the DVR tweaks do make Sling TV more competitive with PlayStation Vue, which long had a more convenient DVR offering.

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