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5 Tips to Stream NFL Games Without Cable This Season

Get ready for football season by making sure you can watch games without the cord.

The NFL is the most popular sport in the United States. All throughout the country, people block off entire Sundays in order to watch football all day long. There’s no reason you should be missing out, even if the best way for you to watch the games is by streaming. In fact, in 2017 it’s easier than ever to stream NFL games all season long.

You now have good options to stream NFL games regardless of which channel is broadcasting them. The key is to get prepared early and figure out the best ways for you to stream without having to pay for cable. While streaming on a mobile device still requires a Verizon subscription, there are tons of ways to stream NFL games at home. Here’s how!

Use NFL Game Pass for On-Demand Games

For big football fans, the NFL off-season is just time dedicated to getting ready for the next season. NFL Game Pass is made for these types of fans, because it has a massive on-demand library of football games past. You can spend the off-season watching older playoff games, Super Bowls, and tons of big games from the season before. for a little film study. Plus, during the season you can watch games on-demand soon after they’re completed. It’s not as useful if you want to stream NFL games live (unless you want to scout out sleepers during preseason games), but don’t worry — we’ll get to that part soon.

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