Wonder Woman Breaks Box Office Records, Proves the World Wants Female Led Action Movies

The Era Of Strong Female Leads In Hollywood Has FINALLY Arrived

Patty Jenkins’ first superhero film, Wonder Woman, dominated the box office on opening weekend. The film was predicted to be a success based on early viewings but no one could have predicted the massive response to the first female led superhero film.


Heading into the premiere of Wonder Woman this past week there was a lot of buzz about the film from critics. There was also a lot riding on the film. Wonder Woman is the first superhero film focused on a female character. The studios were watching the opening weekend closely to see if audiences would really embrace an action movie centered on a female character. The answer was a deafening roar in the form of over $100 million in box office receipts. In true superhero fashion Wonder Woman didn’t break the glass ceiling, it obliterated it.

The Era Of Strong Women In Hollywood Has Arrived

In many ways the mass appeal and success of Wonder Women is ground breaking. A female directed superhero film about a female character has never gotten a green light from studios before. And audiences have been lining up all weekend to tell the studio execs that they want more. The massive success of the film will change the way that action movies get made. Hollywood studios will finally be willing to hire female directors, writers and stars to carry big budget films because it’s clear now that audiences want that.

Redefining the Female Superhero

Superhero films have been a staple of Hollywood studios for more than a decade. But when female characters appeared at all they were always secondary characters that either were the villains intent on bringing down the male superhero or background eye candy. Wonder Woman is the first superhero film to celebrate a strong female lead character. Based on the rave reviews from critics and the emotional praise from fans it’s clear that the studios need to change the way they view female characters in superhero films or leave millions of dollars in profits behind.

The record breaking opening weekend for Wonder Woman is only the beginning. As the huge box office receipts continue to roll in studio executives will be looking for other female superhero characters to make films about. Patty Jenkins is already attached to direct a sequel to Wonder Woman and there is a slew of female focused action movies coming in the next couple of years.

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