This Fan Became Comic Book Wonder Woman By Using Some Incredible Makeup Skills

User nikkietutorials uses makeup and some bold lines to become the comic book character.

It’s June 2017, and we finally, finally live in a world where Wonder Woman has gotten her big screen due. And it’s good, too! But, as happy we are that Diana finally got to leap out of the pages and into theaters, we have to be equally impressed by that comic book character actually coming to life! That’s what beauty vlogger nikkietutorials has accomplished with some superb makeup skills.

We’re not talking about taking after Gal Gadot, either. nikkietutorials was able to transform herself into comic book Wonder Woman, complete with sharp lines and a painted-on tiara.

Is there a tutorial? You bet there is! nikkietutorials put up a 12-minute video on Instagram and YouTube detailing how she did it, and even put a list of products in the caption. Of course, she makes the whole process look way more easy than it probably is, but then again, isn’t that always how it goes with superheroes?

Via Someecards