Air France is Launching a Separate Airline Just for Millennials

It appears Joon will focus on trendy flight attendant outfits and we’re not really sure what else, to be honest.

So, when I see something about an airline for millennials, I assume we’re talking about a bare bones budget operation that makes pretty much everything but the seat an optional purchase. That’s what I assumed when I first saw that Air France was launching Joon, a self-described airline for millennials. I was extremely wrong.

Not only will Joon not be a budget airline, Air France has taken the time to explicitly state it will not be a budget airline (“Joon will not be a low-cost airline as it will offer original products and services that reflect those of Air France.”). From here, I’m mostly going to drop quotes straight from the press release for two reasons — I can’t make this sound any more absurd than they did, and that everything they’ve said is so vague that it’s impossible to discuss the details of the airline anyway.

So, what is Joon? It’s “a lifestyle brand and a state of mind. Short, punchy and international, the name Joon is designed to address a worldwide audience.” The airline is a state of mind. How about the ambiance? The airline’s “visual identity is based on an electric blue colour code symbolizing the airline’s dynamic attitude, as well as the sky, space and travel. The uniform of Joon’s flight attendants will be inspired by the new fashion codes, basic and chic.” Heh, basic.

Who are they serving? They’re looking at “a young working clientele, the millennials (18 to 35 year-olds), whose lifestyles revolve around digital technology. This new brand has been entirely designed to meet their requirements and aspirations, with an authentic and connected offering that stands out in the world of air transport.”

All I managed to glean from that was that the uniforms will be basic and the planes will be blue. Maybe the in-flight Wi-Fi won’t be as bad as it is on every other airline? I don’t know, now I’m probably speculating too much.

We won’t be in the dark too much longer. The magical mystery millennial tour will take off this autumn from Charles de Gaulle airport on medium-range routes, with long-range routes coming next year.

Via The Verge

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