This Summer Toolbox Will Help You Build Better Burgers

This little red toolbox has a fold-out stainless steel grill and a storage area.

We’re just past July 4, putting us squarely in the middle of prime barbecuing season. If there’s a park around you that’s begging for a cookout, Firebox has just what you need. They’ve got a little red toolbox that holds everything you need to get cooking.

The top of the toolbox folds out to reveal two stainless steel grills sitting over chambers that can be filled with briquettes. There’s a smaller grill for vegetables or to toast hamburger or hot dog buns, while the larger can accommodate a few patties or four or five hot dogs. Regrettably, the grill looks a bit too small to cook up a suitable amount of elotes in a reasonable time frame.

Opposite the small grill is a small storage shelf that can hold your mustard, ketchup, mayo, butter, relish, and whatever other condiments you can squeeze in there.

It’s super portable, and the charcoal chambers looks reasonably large. That should make the grill hot enough to cook your meats fast, or at least quickly enough to deliver some eats before the whole cookout gets hangry!

The BBQ Toolbox is available on Firebox now for $89.59.

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