GrimeBuster Pro is Perfect for When You Don’t Have Room for a Dishwasher

Black & Decker is introducing a kitchen-friendly electric scrubber for tougher cleaning jobs.

Tired of scrubbing crud off dirty pots that have been in the sink just a bit too long? If you are, you’re probably tired of going through Brillo pad after Brillo pad, too. Well, convenience is king, and Black & Decker has sworn fealty. Their GrimeBuster is an electric scrubber that will put in the hard work on those pans, so you don’t burn all of dinner’s calories washing.

The GrimeBuster is powered by four AA batteries, but like any good kitchen gadget, it’s waterproof. Turn it on, and it’ll give you the a little extra scrubbing motion to, well, bust the grime off pots, pans, or (maybe worse), the stove. The head with nylon bristles can be used for the really nasty stuff, but there’s a sponge-like head in case you’re dealing with pots and pans that might get scuffed up.

There’s also a pro model, which has a rechargeable battery and a longer handle. The pro model is more of a do-it-all kitchen cleaner that can help keep those tight kitchen crevasses clean.

Either way, you’re looking at a pretty convenient gadget that will be indispensable if you don’t have a dishwasher in your place. Anything that makes scrubbing pots faster checks out as a win in our book! Black & Decker plans to sell both starting in September. The GrimeBuster will cost $35, while the GrimeBuster Pro will cost $40.

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