These Swanky Speakers Are Built Partly from Wood Used for Yachts

The Bossa Moonraker speaker set is priced accordingly.

Living that bougie life? If you’re all about yachting it up in the summertime (or any time), you can now get a little piece of that life in your speakers. Bossa Sound purports to make high-end speakers, and that means both sound and construction.

You might see a bit of space age in them too, but that could be a coincidence. The name Moonraker brings back memories of the ’70s 007 movie, but there’s no bit of Jaws in these sleek speakers. Turns out, moonraker is also the name for a small sail sometimes found on clipper ships, and given the nautical nature of these speakers, we’re going to guess that’s where the name comes from.

While the legs of the Moonraker speakers can be ash or walnut, the real choice here is teak. The teak wood used by Bossa Sound is sourced from cutoffs of wood planks used to build yachts to give the speakers that all-important touch of the sea. The polymer exterior of the spherical cabinet houses a ton if damping material sandwiched in by a baffle, which cuts down on vibrations from the speakers.

The Moonraker set comes with one passive and one active speaker, and while something this expensive will probably be used with an analog connection, there are digital connectors and Bluetooth connectivity with both aptX and AAC.

These pod-like speakers are coming hard for your wallet, though. The Bossa Sound Moonraker set is going for $2,400.

Images: Robert Cardellino


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