These Adorable Funko Horror Figurines are Still Pretty Creepy

The handful of new Dorbz figurines are joined by a fourth wave of Pop horror figurines.

It’s how it goes in the world of horror — cuteness makes everything scarier. Kids and dolls are always bad news, and when something looks nice and sweet, it’s probably about to kill someone. So yeah, Funko’s new Dorbz figurines of horror characters? Probably even creepier than the usual figurines.

Granted, Beetlejuice and Gizmo aren’t super scary anyway. The less malicious members of this group actually pass as genuinely cute, especially Gizmo — that figurine is flocked, so the little Gremlins dude will have soft fur. He’ll be exclusive to Hot Topic, while the plaid-wearing Beetlejuice will only be at Books-A-Million (regular old pinstripes Beetlejuice will be widely available).

The other figurines? Definitely creepier. You never want to see Pennywise with that big of a smile on his face, something that might be proven yet again when the new IT movie comes out later this year. Same deal with Jack from The Shining, who also gets a 1-in-6 frozen over in the hedge maze variant (similar to the new Pop figurines). Hey, at least this Dorbz doesn’t have the toothy here’s Johnny smile.

Funko also has a new wave of vinyl Pop horror figurines, featuring a blood-soaked Carrie. Norman Bates from Psycho is out here in his mother’s best, and Funko went the extra mile and made a black and white exclusive for FYE. There are also two versions of Tiffany from Bride of Chucky — a normal one and a blood-splattered (not as much as Carrie!) chase variant. Last and most unsettling, there’s Annabelle, from that one movie with the possessed doll that I’m going to continue to take a hard pass on.

The new figurines are part of a big summer for Funko, one that includes a handful of other horror figurines. The new Pop figurines should ship out to stores in August, while the new Dorbz will arrive in September.

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