Funko Has New Figurines from The Shining, and One of Them is Just the Coolest

The four new figurines include the Torrance family and one frozen over Jack.

It’s been all work and no play for Funko this summer. They’ve been prepping loads of new figurines to ship out this summer, including some horror-themed sets. Well, here’s another set of scares — a small new group of Pop figurines from The Shining.

The figurines are based on Stanley Kubrick’s classic adaptation of Stephen King’s horror novel, and you know what that means — Jack Nicholson in big-headed vinyl form! Jack looks suitably nuts with his ax, while Wendy’s figurine captures Shelley Duvall’s perpetually terrified and exhausted face really well — as always, it’s amazing what you can do with eyebrows. We would have given her the baseball bat, but I guess they went all-in on the bathroom scene, which is fair.

There’s also Danny, who’s fully kitted out in his Redrum scene best — knife in one hand, lipstick in the other. Actually, it looks like Funko has Redrum scrawled across all the boxes. Nice touch! Hopefully blood doesn’t start spraying out of the boxes when they arrive, but you know, no promises.

The coolest figurine has to be the 1-in-6 chase variant of Jack after getting stuck out in the hedge maze. Would’ve loved it if they made the eyes look like frozen Jack’s in the movie, but I guess that would be hard to do within the restraints of a Pop figurine.

All four of them should be shipping out in August, and it looks like there are no location exclusives for these. Admittedly, we’re pretty bummed that we don’t get to play with twins (forever and ever), but hey, there’s always wave two.