Google’s New Desktop App Can Backup and Sync Folders to Their Cloud Storage

Google Backup and Sync makes backup easy for Google Drive and Photos users.

If you’re a heavy user of Google Photos or Google Drive or you’re looking for an easy way to back up your computer, good news today — Google Backup and Sync is finally ready to go. After some delays, the new desktop program can help you backup and continuously sync individual folders on your computer, keeping them organized and making them easily accessible across computers.

Google already had some auto-sync and backup features, but this new program helps to keep everything more organized. With the ability to sync whole folders, it’s possible to keep files organized in the exact same way you have them on your computer, making it easier to find what you’re looking for if you need to access your files on another computer. You can also opt to keep those folders synced automatically as you add new files.

Once you’ve backed up folders to your account through Drive or Photos, you’ll be able to access those folders from anywhere, as long as you can log in to your Google account. Of course, to do that, you’ll still need storage space on Drive — if you need more than Google’s free allotment of 15 GB, you’ll have to buy more from them as a subscription.

If you do have enough cloud storage through Google, you can back up your entire computer to Google’s cloud storage if you’d like. However, there’s no option to back up entire drives, so if you need a comprehensive backup solution, you might still want to look into the loads of other products out there made for that purpose. But, if you just need to back up a few key folders and keep them backed up without having to think about it, Google Backup and Sync seems like it will be pretty handy.

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