New Google Pixel XL 2 Leaks Suggest the Phone is Going to Look Way Better This Year

Looks like Google took all the complaints about the blah design of the original Pixel to heart.

It’s time to gear up for fall smartphone season, when we’ll see the new iPhone, Moto, Galaxy Note, and most likely the new Google Pixel. Representing a new line of smartphones for Google, the original Pixel phone from last year was technically terrific, but got some heat for a boring design. Someone at Google noticed, because if these leaks of the new Pixel are accurate, it looks much more stylish and premium this time around.

Android Police have obtained leaked images of the new Google Pixel XL, and they seem to be very confident in what they have — if there are any inaccuracies, it’ll be because the design may change in the next couple months.

Source: Android Police

What we’re looking at is something that looks similar to the LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8, in that the phone has an ultra-wide 2:1 aspect ratio flat display with a fingerprint scanner on the back. The back still has the distinctive two-tone look of the previous generation, but most interesting of all is that it appears Google will sit out the dual camera trend, opting for a single sensor instead — not a bad thing, because the original Google Pixel still has one of the best smartphone cameras. It also looks like the antenna lines are gone, but this could just be a render with the lines left off. The image doesn’t show the edges of the phone, which means we don’t know whether or not the new Pixel will have a headphone port.

Interestingly, Android Police also seems very certain that the new Pixel XL will have a squeeze feature, similar to what was on the HTC U11. That would allow users to execute commands by giving the phone a light squeeze, something I thought looked a little gimmicky on the U11.

This follows leaks from XDA Developers about the specs of the smaller and XL models of the new Pixel, which point to high-end specs (like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset) and an LG OLED display on the XL, thanks to a huge investment Google made in LG (who are said to be manufacturing the entire Pixel XL this year).

Via Android Police

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