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Gucci Made a B-Movie Sci-Fi Trailer for its Fall/Winter 2017 Collection, and it’s Kinda Awesome

The collection takes cues from ’50s/’60s science fiction.

You can now add unheralded champions of fashion to the many honorifics claimed by Captain Kirk and crew. Gucci is showing off their fall/winter 2017 collection, and it’s all been inspired by ’50s and ’60 science fiction. While they could just show off the goods on the runway or in photos, Gucci figured that just wasn’t good enough for the culture. Staying in the spirit of Comic-Con, they dropped a old-school sci-fi trailer for the collection, and we can unironically say it’s pretty sweet.

After a lightly Star Wars title scroll, the action gets started with a Star Trek-like holodeck, and things just get better from there. Giant cats, low-quality monster effects, aliens with glasses that are way too fly for this galaxy (but they’re here anyway), cows, and a spear fight with a t-rex are all packed into a brisk 1:15, which puts it right up there with the best trailers Comic-Con had to offer, if we’re being honest.

Of course, the stars of the show are the clothes and accessories, all designed by Alessandro Michele. The glasses frames, as noted, are staggering, but it looks like there’s sneakers, wedges, and retro-future dresses and trenchcoats.

Gucci has been hinting at the line since spring, when they started making references to aliens and #gucciandbeyond, the name of the new collection. From the looks of things, that’s fair — they’ve certainly gone where no fashion designer has gone before with this one.

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