These Hello Kitty x Crap Eyewear Sunglasses are Too Vogue for This Summer

The new sunglasses are super fashionable and super pricey.

Hello Kitty is many things, and a fashionista is most certainly one of them. No wonder her latest foray into good looks is going to be red hot at the beach this year — sunglasses with a classic sense of fashion about them!

The sunglasses are from a collaboration between Sanrio and Crap Eyewear, a small Los Angeles-based design house. They’ve taken four of their sunglasses and added a dash of Kitty, putting red bows on the big, round Hanoi Weekend sunglasses. The Love Tempo almost have a superhero mask look to them, while the Wild Gift are a pair of pink eyeglasses with some amazingly flared frames. Those last two are bowless, but like the Hanoi Weekend sunglasses, get a golden Hello Kitty logo on the temples. The blue Love Tempo glasses get a cute hidden Hello Kitty pattern on the inside of the frames, too.

All four options (the Hanoi Weekend glasses come in black or white) are available from Crap Eyewear for $76 each. They all come with a special zippered and padded Hello Kitty carrying case, too. You can buy them off the Sanrio store as well, but it looks like the pink Wild Gift sunglasses are only on the Crap Eyewear store.

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