These Hershey Lip Glosses and Balms are Lip-Smacking Good

The sweet glosses and balms smell just like candy.

Have a hard time resisting your sweet tooth? It’ll be even harder once your lips smell like candy! Firebox is selling a set of five lip glosses and balms, and they all taste and smell just like Hershey’s candy. Hershey’s Kisses just got literal.

Good old Hershey’s chocolate is represented by the Hershey’s Kisses lip balm, but Hershey’s other candies get represented, too. Those glossy, fruity Jolly Ranchers are an obvious fit, so it’s no surprise that they’re in this set twice, in cherry and grape flavors. There’s also a Reese’s lip balm, which should add a touch of peanut butter. The best one is the chocolate syrup lip gloss, which comes in a little bottle that looks just like the real Hershey’s chocolate syrup bottles.

If you want your mouth to water uncontrollably the whole day, this is a terrific idea! Sure, you might get lucky and have the smell satisfy your cravings, but that’s probably too much to ask. The whole set costs $16.69, and admittedly, it should be noted that you can probably chow down on a good amount of all five of those candies for much less money.

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