Hot Pie from Game of Thrones is Actually Making and Selling Direwolf Bread

He’s been going since the season started, and they’re in high demand.

So it’s on us for missing this as it happened, but earlier this month around the start of season seven of Game of Thrones, a pretty hot item took the UK by storm. Actor Ben Hawkey, better known as Hot Pie on the show, brought a little of his character into the real world by baking and selling direwolf bread — the sort Hot Pie made for Arya. Oh, and they’re the good season four loaves, not the lumpy season three loaves.

Hawkey, an avid baker, is starting up his own venture, and he’s decided to embrace his Game of Thrones fame. His bakery is called You Know Nothing John Dough (we don’t know if Jon is misspelled for copyright reasons or what), and it sells only one thing — direwolf loaves. Well, more accurately, it did only sell one thing. Now it sells nothing — Hawkey started accepting orders on July 17, and unsurprisingly, he stopped taking orders shortly thereafter. I can only imagine the backlog.


You won’t be able to amble into Hawkey’s bakery after a long few weeks on the King’s Road, though. He doesn’t have a store — he had been selling the loaves through Deliveroo, an online ordering app that serves the United Kingdom (sorry everyone in the States, there was never any way to get these here). While Deliveroo is active in a handful of countries worldwide, these loaves stayed in the UK.

The loaves, which are made in part from wholewheat cornbread, orange zest, and Hot Pie’s estimable baking talents, were pretty cheap! Before selling out, they were going for just £1 each. At that price, I cannot even imagine how many orders they took in before shutting it down. I’m guessing they had a hard limit in place beforehand, because they had to have known how hot these were going to be.

It’s certainly not the first time a Game of Thrones actor has been discovered doing rad non-acting stuff. Kristian Nairn, who played Hodor, is a successful DJ and yes, he has put on shows called “Rave of Thrones.”

No telling when or if Hawkey’s direwolf loaves will be available again, but one thing’s for sure — if Hot Pie wants to go into baking after his Game of Thrones stint, it sure looks like that door is wide open.

Via Digital Spy

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