The Second Generation Jabra Elite Sport True Wireless Earbuds Will Have Way Longer Battery Life

Jabra is also adding adjustable EQ settings to their companion app.

Overall, I haven’t been big on true wireless earbuds. Connectivity problems have marred all but a few, and virtually all of them have had too-short battery lives. In other words, classic tech — the first generation is always the worst. Well, the second generation of Jabra’s Elite Sport true wireless earbuds are coming, and from the sounds of it, anyone who decided to hold off is about to get rewarded.

If you did get the first generation of Jabra’s buds, you aren’t too bad off — along with Skybuds, the original Elite Sport buds were one of the few true wireless earbuds I tested that didn’t suffer from major connectivity issues. But, where those Skybuds just did music, the Elite Sport had a full complement of fitness features, including an in-ear heart rate monitor and step tracking. Jabra’s app could take that info and give you stats like VO2 max, while tracking your workout regimen over time.

The second generation sound like they’ll be more of the same, but with better battery life. The first generation buds got three hours on one charge and could be charged twice over by the battery in the included carrying case. That total of nine hours is moving up to 13.5 in the second generation buds — we’re hoping that means the buds themselves will last about 4.5 hours on one charge, but we won’t know until we test them out for ourselves.

Jabra is also including adjustable EQ settings for the second generation buds, which can be tinkered with using the companion app. If you own a pair of the first generation buds, Jabra’s press release does say that you’ll get access to those EQ profiles once the app is updated, too. The app is supposedly due for an overhaul as well, so we’re looking forward to seeing what that’s about.

Other than that, it doesn’t look like much has changed. The design is still the same, and they’re still IP67 waterproof. Only difference is the lime green/grey color option, which is nice — plain black was the only choice last time. Jabra is shipping out the second generation Elite Sport buds now in both colors, and they’ll cost the same as the first generation — $250.