Lenovo is Giving the Yoga Book a Couple of Bright New Paint Jobs

The ultra-thin writing tablet experiment is getting new red and white color options.

Lenovo’s Yoga Book was a breath of fresh air last year — an unusual laptop that swapped out the keyboard for a flat slate that could be used to save handwritten notes and drawings to the computer. This year, Lenovo is giving that ultra-lightweight laptop some bright new color options, but we’re not sure if it’s getting a full refresh.

Lenovo announced this week that the Yoga Book will be available in ruby red and pearl white, and they’ll both be online and in stores in September. The two new colors will be splashed on both the Android and Windows 10 versions of the Yoga Book, which start at $500 and $550, respectively.

Lenovo hasn’t said anything about a hardware refresh, though, which is kind of a shame — we liked the concept of the Yoga Book, but we thought it was a bit underpowered. It still has that great 360-degree watchband hinge, though, and the 1-to-1 transfer of handwriting to the screen really does work smoothly. And, if you just need a bare bones laptop and don’t mind touch typing, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything as light.

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