You Can Get a Free Lipstick from MAC Tomorrow, With No Strings Attached

The cosmetics chain is celebrating National Lipstick Day with a pretty sweet giveaway.

It’s not often we get to say no strings attached and mean it, but it sure seems like MAC’s offer is genuine. July 29 is National Lipstick Day, and MAC has decided they’re going to celebrate with the equivalent of The Purge for cosmetics stores. Tomorrow, you can go to any MAC cosmetics counter, pick out the lipstick you want, and bounce — no payment required.

If there is a catch, it’s that you’ll probably have to wake up early on a Saturday. The Lips, Lips, Lips giveaway is only going on for one day, but it’d be more accurate to say that it’ll be going on until that supply of freebies runs out — and since we’re talking free, that might not take very long.

So, now the questions are where and what. The company has tweeted that the giveaway will take place in locations across the United States and Canada, but there’s a red flag — they’re saying most locations will be participating, but caution that you should probably call ahead of time to make sure your local counter is giving away the goods. If you live anywhere else, it sounds like MAC does have some special events planned for the occasion, but necessarily any free giveaways. It’s also unclear which lipsticks are being given away — our guess is just the cheapest sticks available, but that hasn’t been confirmed. Guess we’ll all find out tomorrow!

Via Refinery29