Marvel Has Cast Squirrel Girl, and You’re Definitely Going to Recognize Her Face

Milana Vayntrub is moving from AT&T commercials to squirrel adventures.

It won’t debut until 2018, but Marvel and Disney have already wrapped up casting for the main characters of New Warriors, a TV series featuring a group of young superheroes led in part by the inimitable Squirrel Girl. Despite hopes and wishes that Anna Kendrick would get the role, it wasn’t to be — but we guarantee you’re going to recognize the actress who did get it.

In fairness to her, Milana Vayntrub has done quite a bit of work in TV now, but she’s probably going to be best recognized as Lily from all those AT&T commercials. Vayntrub has also been on This is Us and had a couple appearances on Silicon Valley, but now she’s in store for her biggest role yet.

Or maybe smallest? Known for being a diminutive, squirrel-attuned superheroine in Marvel comics, Doreen Green has the powers of optimism, communication with squirrels, and wood chewing. She beat Thanos once! I’m pretty sure that’s canon. She’ll be joined by a group of young quasi-superheroes (including Craig, who says he’s immortal and no one’s calling him on it) in New Warriors, which will debut on Disney-owned Freeform (formerly ABC Family) sometime next year. The series will get an initial 10-episode run, so don’t expect it to be a TV staple just yet. It’s also unknown whether Marvel plans to tie New Warriors into the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Anna Kendrick was always kind of a longshot (we figure she’s pretty busy), but Vayntrub should do perfectly well. At the very least, this Squirrel Girl is going to have no problem getting the New Warriors on a reasonably priced family plan with rollover data.

Via The Hollywood Reporter