McDonald’s Japan is Getting a Delicious Chocolate Banana Pikachu McFlurry, But Things Could Have Been Much Different

Pikachu won a popular vote in a cross-promotion for a new Pokémon movie.

This weekend, McDonald’s locations in Japan will be graced with what sounds like an amazing Pikachu-themed chocolate banana McFlurry. It’ll come in a cute Pikachu cup, it’ll have yellow swirls, and it sounds like a great time! Well, it sounds better than a broccoli McFlurry, anyway.

That was one of the options in a Twitter vote held earlier this week, and surprisingly, it didn’t win! With Pokémon the Movie 20: I Choose You! coming to theaters this weekend, McDonald’s decided to do a little cross-promotion by asking fans to vote for their favorite potential Pokémon-themed McFlurry flavor. The winner of the vote would be willed into existence alongside the movie’s release this weekend.

They played it straight with the two most popular Pokémon — Pikachu got the reasonable chocolate banana combo, while Jigglypuff was paired with white peach. Gengar was an appropriate dark horse with ube, a kind of purple sweet potato, while Squirtle got the citrus flavored Ramune soda.

Then things got a little weird. Charmander was still sort of reasonable — habanero peppers don’t seem to go with the McFlurry, but sweet and spicy can be an amazing combination if done right! If you don’t know about tajín and mango ice cream yet, you need to go ask someone.

There’s not much to say in defense of poor Bulbasaur, though. I don’t really mind broccoli myself, but it’s not something I need to taste in ice cream. I’m OK with not experiencing that.

Apparently, everyone who voted in the poll was OK with not experiencing that combo, too. Pikachu unsurprisingly won handily, and honestly, it was probably always going to be that way. Pikachu is the most popular Pokémon by far, so I wouldn’t be surprised if McDonald’s just started producing the chocolate banana McFlurry ahead of time assuming there would be no surprises. I just can’t imagine McDonald’s preparing for a broccoli contingency.

Via Refinery29 and RocketNews24

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