McDonald’s Might Be Rolling Out Loaded Bacon & Cheese Fries Soon

The fast food chain is testing the fries in a few markets right now.

After some test runs abroad, the ultimate 2:00 AM drunk snack might be headed to McDonald’s here in the United States. Late last week, multiple outlets started noticing that loaded bacon fries had made their way onto the menus of a few locations across the nation, suggesting that maybe, just maybe, a full rollout is planned.

So far, Pittsburgh, central West Virginia, southeast Ohio, and eastern Kentucky have all been confirmed for having the late night snack. We don’t know how good it looks in person, but, as always, it looks amazing in pictures. The loaded fries are covered in melted cheddar cheese and applewood-smoked bacon bits.

It should go without saying at this point, but remember when McDonald’s was kind of sort of moving towards being a little more healthy? Yeah, I think they might be putting that in the rearview mirror.

Via Brand Eating