Reports of Microsoft Paint’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

The beloved bad art program isn’t going anywhere for now.

If you’ve been working on your low-quality artistic tribute to the demise of Microsoft Paint, you might want to chuck that file into the trash along with almost every other Paint creation ever. Headlines that Microsoft would be killing off their longtime art program started circulating this week, but as it turns out, you’ll be still be able to draw bad circles for many, many years to come.

The party got started when Microsoft pushed out a list of features that are to be removed or deprecated in the upcoming Fall Creators Update to Windows 10. They even had a handy table showing which features were being trashed and which were being deprecated (meaning those features will still be around, but will not be supported or updated). Paint made the list under features to be deprecated, so for now, it’ll still be hanging around.

That’s not to say things will stay the same. Now that the Paint 3D app is out courtesy of the first Creators Update, Paint is superfluous — Paint 3D can do everything Paint can, on top of all the cool new 3D features. But, Microsoft isn’t unaware of the power of nostalgia, or, more importantly, the power of complaints about nostalgia being threatened. They plan to make the original Paint available as a Windows 10 app, in case you want to make absolute sure that you can make the worst possible digital art. Ironic memecrafting is safe.

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