Luke’s Tatooine Landspeeder Ride-On Toy Makes Us Wish We Were a Child Again

Young Star Wars fans can finally ride like Luke and Obi-Wan!

Did The Force Awakens finally get the kids into Star Wars? If you were able to convince them that the originals were equally awesome, you can properly reward them for their parent-mandated good taste. Radio Flyer is making a ride-on toy based on the landspeeder Luke and Obi-Wan cruised around in on Tatooine, and it’s going to be perfect for a pair of young Padawans!

The bad news is that this little X-34 landspeeder is a reminder that real hover transport for the masses (side-eye directed here) remains elusive — it’s ferried along by wheels underneath. Everything else is great — the dash includes lights and sounds from the movie, and, in a distressed jeans kind of situation, the speeder comes dinged up to make it look a bit more like it does in the movie. It hums along at 5 mph — fast enough for a little breeze, slow enough for parents to feel alright with it.

But, it’s an electric vehicle, and while adult electric cars are finally starting to go down in price, the ride-on market is still lagging a bit! This 12-volt speeder is $500, and can be preordered at Toys ‘R’ Us. It’s expected to ship out on September 5.

Via Nerdist

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