You Can Now Buy the Snapchat Spectacles on Amazon

Now that the excitement has waned, Snap is ready to make their face camera widely available.

Snap, Inc. saw some success when they tried to drum up excitement over Spectacles by restricting supply — there was a frenzy over the camera sunglasses when vending machines started popping up in just a few major U.S. cities. Once the excitement faded a bit, Snap started selling them online on their own website, and now they’ve reached the final phase — throwing them on Amazon.

The Spectacles, which were introduced almost a year ago, are sunglasses with cameras on both ends of the frames. They’re uncomplicated by design — the cameras take 10-second videos that can be posted straight to Snapchat as Snaps or parts of Stories, or saved permanently as Memories in the app.

For whatever reason, Spectacles didn’t incur the same backlash that Google Glass did, despite Glass mostly receiving mainstream criticism for their potential as cameras that could always be used to surreptitiously record others. Snap headed off some of those concerns by making rings around both lenses light up when Spectacles were recording, but they were probably helped most by the trendier design, which stood in contrast to the more obviously gadget-like look of Glass.

Despite coming to Amazon, it looks like no price cut is in the offing. Spectacles are still $130, and can still be purchased on Snap’s sales page in the same black, teal, and red color options.

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