Mattel is Making Another Wonder Woman Barbie Doll for Justice League

The two Barbie dolls will be released ahead of the movie this fall.

She was already a superhero in our books, but it looks like Barbie will really be getting superpowers this year. Revealed exclusively by Nerdist, Mattel will be showing off two upcoming additions to the Barbie pantheon this week at San Diego Comic-Con — Wonder Woman and Mera! Both will be in Justice League, and both can be on your shelves before the movie hits theaters.

Both are suited up in the same suits they’re rocking in the DC movies — Wonder Woman in her red, blue, and gold and the Queen of Atlantis in her sea green scaled bodysuit. We’re especially loving Mera’ flowing red hair, and the navy and gold on Wonder Woman’s shield looks incredible!

Of course, we’re not surprised Mattel seems to have taken these two pretty seriously — Wonder Woman got the DCEU movies back on track this year, and rumors are that part of the reason for the Justice League reshoots was to give her more screen time. That means we’ll be getting a proper double dose of Wonder Woman in 2017, in addition to Mera making her debut with that Aquaman guy in tow. We do have to admit that this Wonder Woman isn’t quite as rad as last year’s spectacularly caped Barbie, which also made a Comic-Con appearance.

The dolls are on display at Comic-Con this week, but they’re not ready for store shelves just yet. Mattel says they’ll be shipping out this fall for $40 each.

Via Nerdist

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