This Awesome NES-Style Arcade Joystick Actually Works with the Nintendo Switch

As with all arcade consoles, it’s so you can play fighting games as they were meant to be played.

You can play fighting games with regular controllers, motion controls, or even a keyboard and mouse if you’re a madwoman. But, most everyone can agree that the one true way to play fighting games is with an arcade console complete with huge joystick and buttons — and now you can buy one that works with the Nintendo Switch!

The NES30 Arcade Stick is coming from 8Bitdo, a company that specializes in third-party controllers for older Nintendo video game consoles. This time, they’ve got their sights set on the Switch — the giant arcade controller connects to the new console using a Bluetooth connection, although it won’t be suitable for every game — there are fewer buttons and inputs on the NES30 than there are on the two Joy-Con controllers for the Switch. But, for good old 2D-style fighting games, it’ll work just fine.

The NES30 has two rows of four buttons for light, medium, heavy, and special attacks, plus a huge joystick for moving around. There are a few other controls for connectivity and power, along with a start button, but that’s about it — it’s not much more than a good old arcade console, it’s just wireless!

8Bitdo has stayed true to their roots by making the console look like the design of the original NES controller. And, as a treat for enthusiasts, it’s customizable — the buttons and stick can be easily popped out and replaced with whatever the picky gamer is most comfortable with.

It’s not just for the Switch, either. It’ll work just fine with Android devices, and it can be used with PCs and Macs over a wired USB connection to ensure as little lag as possible. It can even be configured within Steam as a gamepad!

Best of all, it’s priced pretty reasonably. 8Bitdo has the NES30 Arcade Stick available on preorder through Amazon for $80, with a target ship date of August 20.

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