Apple Finally Has Their Own Instagram Account

Apple usually shuns social media, but they’re making an exception to show off what the iPhone’s camera can do.

If you don’t follow Apple super closely, you’d be forgiven for not thinking much of the news that the company has opened up an Instagram account. Well, OK, it’s not big news regardless, but for the Apple faithful, it is kind of interesting — after all, Apple has had very limited involvement with social media over the years.

Maybe they’re too cool for it? Whatever the reason, Apple simply doesn’t post anything on their Facebook account, and while they do use Twitter to send out reminders for their major press events, they do it in a way that keeps those tweets off their timeline — a timeline that is completely barren.

Well, Apple has started up on Instagram account now, and unlike those other two, they’re actually using it. Apple has been posting series of pictures shot using an iPhone’s camera, along with personal commentary from the customers who took the photos. You might even be able to get yourself on there — Apple is considering all photos tagged with #ShotoniPhone, although we’d imagine they’re doing something to verify those photos were actually shot on an iPhone.

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#ShotoniPhone by… – 1. Paul O. @pauloctavious “I’ve just always been attracted to rainbows. It’s like magic. But now that I know how rainbows are made, it’s like I’m performing my own magic.” – 2. Tyrone P. @robotfaced “I’ve actually found two or three, or let’s say two and a half, species of chameleons that are not officially known to science. You can’t look in a text book or a field guide and find these animals. There’s simply not enough known about them.” – 3. Jirasak P @joez19 “I live in a small town and own a small trucking fleet in Thailand. I am not a professional photographer.” – 4. Jenn Z. @thesdcowgirl “I feel claustrophobic when I go to the city now. You get so used to being able to see for miles. I call it cowgirl church.” – 5. Yais Y. @_yaisyusman_ “I call the series The Hanging Collection. It's simply creating an illusion of a person hanging.”

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Apple hasn’t totally ignored social media before now, though. They’ve actively used Twitter for services like Apple Music, and they recently opened up a Twitter account for customer support. Still, in terms of engagement with their customers, Apple has consistently used a light touch, and that’s still true with this Instagram account — Apple’s letting the photos and the photographers speak for themselves.

Not that Apple needs to change that strategy, of course. Seems like the anti-social approach has been working out for Apple just fine!

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