Oreo Has the Prize of County Fair Season With These Apple Pie-Flavored Cookies

It’s the latest limited edition seasonal flavor from Oreo.

Someone go buy some blue ribbons from the dollar store or wherever they’re sold, because Oreo might deserve some sort of prize for these beauties. With county fair season on the horizon, Oreo is serving up a slice of Americana in between their pair of wafers — Apple Pie Oreos are on their way to the most venerated of all American retail centers, Target (argue with me).

True to apple pie form, Oreo is using a pair of graham cracker cookies to sandwich a dollop of apple pie-flavored creme. There’s a Target sales page up for a package of the cookies, which sadly has a big old ‘limited edition’ stamped on it. Get them while they’re metaphorically hot, I guess.

The Apple Pie Oreos aren’t available just yet, but apple pie sure seems like a summer kind of flavor, so we’re guessing it won’t be too long until they arrive in stores. Oreo has been pretty consistent about cycling seasonal flavors in and out, with Peeps Oreos coming in during the spring. They’ve still got Fireworks Oreos available from the Fourth of July, so we’re guessing these apple pie treats will come in to replace those. I can’t promise that buying up all those Fireworks Oreos will make the Apple Pie Oreos arrive sooner, but it can’t hurt.

Via Refinery29

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