Did Arcade Fire Really Put Their Latest Album on a Fidget Spinner?

The band may or may not have been joking with a $100+ USB fidget spinner.

CDs spin, fidget spinners spin. It checks out, right? Arcade Fire is ready to drop their fifth studio album, Everything Now, and they’ve decided to let everyone know with their own…special brand of marketing. The band claimed to have sold the album on a USB key set inside a fidget spinner, and we’ve really got no idea whether or not they did it.

They almost surely didn’t, but in 2017, who knows what’s real anymore? The best evidence for this being fake is the outlandish $109 price tag for a fidget spinner with some tunes on it, although again, in 2017, that really might sell. The fidget spinner was reportedly marked as sold out almost as soon as they made it available, so again, it all sure seems fishy.

The most likely scenario? This is half the band screwing around and half teeth-grittingly effective viral marketing. I’m inclined to believe the latter especially because before this whole fidget spinner business, I was completely unaware that Arcade Fire was putting out a new album. Mission accomplished I guess.

It’s also kind of the band’s thing. All of their albums, but particularly their previous one, Reflektor, have been heavy on investigating what’s been lost in the conveniences of the internet age (spoiler: real human connections). That theme might have just morphed into a general lampooning of today’s culture, which I guess brings us to fidget spinners.

I don’t know, maybe making a fidget spinner that, from the looks of it, couldn’t be spun in perpetuity like a normal fidget spinner is some kind of artistic statement. Unfortunately, that’s about as much thinking about the possible artistry of fidget spinners that I’m willing to do.

Via The Verge

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