The CW Confirms Another Huge DC Crossover Involving Supergirl, Arrow, and The Flash This Season

The four-episode event will span two days and involve all four DC Comics shows on the CW.

To no one’s surprise, all four DC Comics shows on The CW — SupergirlArrowThe Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow — all got renewed for new seasons well before their most recent season finales even aired. With a successful crossover event going down last year, you knew those showrunners would try to top themselves! Yesterday, the CW confirmed that a four-episode, two-day event spanning all four shows will happen this November.

Specifically, it’ll be on November 27 and 28 — who knows, maybe it’s just everyone getting together for the most superpowered Thanksgiving ever. We’re sure someone will come ruin Superfriendsgiving, but we won’t know who until later in the season. The crew has been silent about what the storyline will be, but when the event does happen, you’ll see episodes of Supergirl and Arrow on November 27, followed by Flash and Legends of Tomorrow on November 28.

Last season’s crossover event was a ratings hit for The CW, so we’d expect this to become a regular occurrence as long as at least two of the shows are running. That might be for a while — when shows on The CW stick, they tend to really stick (see: Supernatural).

The last crossover wasn’t perfect, though. There was a little blowback over a lack of Supergirl screen time, but we can tell that won’t be the case here. Supergirl showrunner Robert Rovner said as much to comicbook.com, but considering the crossover will span episodes of all four shows, we’re betting that Supergirl will at the very least figure heavily in the Supergirl episode.

Via Deadline

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