David Letterman is Getting His Own Show on Netflix

The exquisitely bearded talk show veteran is returning for a six-episode interview series.

Have you seen a picture of David Letterman recently? If you have, you know that he’s rocking a gigantic white beard that is among the world’s best at present. Can’t get enough of that beard? Good news! It and Letterman are coming back to TV, kinda. Letterman will be making his return on Netflix for a short talk show-like series coming to the streaming platform next year.

Letterman departed The Late Show on CBS on 2015, and apparently after two years on the sidelines, he’s jonesing for interviews. And, why not? After decades and decades of experience interviewing just about every public figure you can name on The Late Show, he’s gotten awfully good at them.

The new series, which doesn’t yet have a title, will let him show off those skills. The show will forego the talk show format for longer interviews with single subjects, complemented by Letterman investigating topics related to the interviews. For now, Netflix and Letterman plan to produce only six episodes of the show.

It won’t be a talk show for Netflix, but the streaming platform has already moved in that direction. Bill Nye Saves the World plays out similarly to a talk show, and the platform does produce a more traditional kind of late night talk show with Chelsea Handler — one that streams new episodes weekly like a traditional TV show, instead of all at once.

Via The Hollywood Reporter / Photo Source

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