Here’s the First Look at Zazie Beetz as Domino in Deadpool 2

She and Josh Brolin will be joining the cast in the upcoming sequel.

Thanks to a massive take at the box office, Deadpool got a sequel confirmed less than a month after the movie hit theaters. Since then, it’s been touch and go — there’s been a lot of hype around Domino and Cable joining Deadpool this time around, but the movie also had to change directors partway through production. Looks like the good is going to outweigh the bad, because we’ve just gotten our first look at Domino, and she looks awesome!

Deadpool usually ends up running with lesser-known mutants from the Marvel canon — in the first movie, he teamed up with Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus, and in the sequel he’ll be meeting Domino and Cable. Domino is an X-Force member with good aim and better luck — luck that she makes herself as a result of her mutant powers. She’s played by Zazie Beetz in the new movie, and Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds just tweeted out the first shot of her in character this week. Beetz is rocking an afro with the character’s trademark off-color patch around the eye, only color-inverted this time. Oh, and she’s also relaxing on Deadpool’s suit like it was a bear rug. Should be fun!

Beetz will be joined by Josh Brolin, who will play Cable. Another X-Force and X-Men alum, Cable is a telekinetic cyborg, which seems kind of unfair. That makes two super-powerful Marvel characters Brolin is playing — he’s also playing Thanos, the ultimate villain of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in Infinity War. Neither character was shown in the teaser trailer we saw a while back, but we’re betting that changes with the next trailer. There’s plenty of time for that — the movie isn’t expected to arrive in theaters until next year.

Via USA Today

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