Funko’s Justice League Figurines are SUPER Adorable

They’re prepping new Pops, Mystery Minis, and Dorbz, Plushies, and keychains for the upcoming superhero team-up!

For the next great superhero get-together, it’s only appropriate that Funko is drawing from the power of just about all of their figurine lines! With Justice League just a few months away, the figurine masters are preparing a ton of new goodies for DC fans, covering the whole League and then some.

You know we’ve got to start with the Pops. Funko has made Justice League editions of Mera, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and Batman, although you’ll need to scavenger hunt it up to collect all of them. When they all ship out in September, you’ll have to head to Hot Topic to get Mera and Walmart to get Wonder Woman and Cyborg. Aquaman and Batman will be available in a two-pack at FYE. This is on top of the Justice League Pops coming this month, which includes individually packaged Batman and Aquaman figurines, Superman, the Flash, and different versions of Wonder Woman and Cyborg. Batman, Cyborg, the Flash, and and Aquaman are all available now in tiny keychain form, too.

Most of the new figurines are in the Mystery Minis line, and that includes a couple surprises. The set of 13 includes variants of the six League members, plus some villains like a Parademon and, of course, Steppenwolf. There will be sets at Gamestop and Hot Topic that include some exclusive figurines. Those exclusives are mostly variations on the main six, but it looks like Aquaman’s buddy Vulko and not-buddy Orm the Ocean Master also make appearances. Played by Willem Dafoe and Patrick Wilson (no, we got the order right, Dafoe really does play the good guy of the two), the duo haven’t shown up in trailers yet, so consider this your first look (we’ll take what we can get).

From here, things get cute. There’s a new three-pack of Plushies containing The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg, while the irresistible Dorbz line gets Cyborg, the Flash, two versions of Aquaman, and, in a rare find, smiling versions of Batman and Steppenwolf. You’ll notice that Wonder Woman has no time for this cuteness nonsense (yeah yeah, we know she got a Dorbz figurine for Batman V Superman).

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