Funko’s Latest Wonder Woman Figurines are Too Cute for School

Funko has a few new Wonder Woman figurines coming, including Antiope and Etta Candy.

Remember when the Justice League got a bunch of new Funko Dorbz figurines, and we noted that Wonder Woman had no time for that cuteness stuff? Well, apparently she does have time for it, and so do we. Hey, if we had known a cute horse was going to be involved, we would have been more open to the idea!

Funko just revealed their latest wave of Wonder Woman figurines, and it’s headlined by a Dorbz figurine of Wonder Woman riding into battle on horseback. Yes, both have the super cute smiles and eyes that define Dorbz. They’re going off on a little adventure to wreck some Parademons, and she has her little shield and sleeping mat, and it’s all pretty amazing.

But, Funko has some more traditional options, too. The second wave of Wonder Woman Pop figurines includes cloaked Diana and Etta Candy with Diana’s sword and shield — a reminder that we didn’t see nearly enough of her in the movie! Best of all, we get the rare Pop figurine in an action pose, with Antiope taking a mid-jump shot with her bow.

As ever, there’s a store exclusive to watch out for. Hot Topic will get a Wonder Woman figurine with Diana enjoying the sweeter side of life outside of Themyscira. In fairness, Diana is probably right — ice cream might be humanity’s proudest achievement.

Funko says to expect the new Pop figurines sometime this fall, with the new Dorbz figurine due out in November. For a change, you’ll have to wait for chilly December to properly enjoy the celebration of ice cream in Pop form!