This Weekend’s Episode of Game of Thrones Has Been Leaked

In an unhappy coincidence, the leak has nothing to do with the massive security breach HBO suffered at the beginning of the week.

It has not been a good week for HBO. It started off with a huge security breach that resulted in 1.5 TB of data getting stolen, including episodes, scripts, and private information of employees. Now at the end of the week, they’re having to deal with this weekend’s episode of Game of Thrones getting leaked — and to make matters worse, it wasn’t even done by the same people.

Instead, this gaffe can be pinned on one of HBO’s international distribution partners. “The Spoils of War” is now floating around forums and torrent sites thanks to Star India. Those international distribution partners often get episodes before they air, and this time, the episode leaked out. There’s no way to deny it, either — the leaked episode has the Star India watermark plastered all over it. While the leak has nothing to do with the hack from earlier this week, it appears that the episode does follow the script that came out of that hack.

Game of Thrones episodes getting pirated is nothing new, of course, but usually pirated episodes don’t show up until the episode has aired on HBO on the east coast. Not so this week, and now HBO has to hope following weeks will be different — the specter of that data breach from earlier in the week still looms large.

Via Entertainment Weekly

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