Yet Another Game of Thrones Episode Has Gotten Out Early

This time, HBO Nordic and HBO España accidentally released the episode way ahead of schedule.

HBO just can’t stop taking Ls these days. 1.5 TB of company data, including scripts and episodes, were pilfered in a hack (with a ransom demand made a week later), but somehow that hasn’t been the cause of not one, but now two leaked Game of Thrones episodes. Episode four of this season accidentally leaked out from one of HBO’s distribution partners, Star India, and now episode six is out early because of another international affiliate gaffe.

For a short time, episode six, which is set to air this weekend, was posted to both HBO Nordic and HBO España in a mistake blamed on a third-party vendor. The episode was quickly taken down, but as we all know, you cannot outrun the internet. Someone saw it, and that someone immediately recorded the episode and uploaded it for everyone to see.

HBO sent a statement to The Verge clarifying that this leak was not related to the hack from the beginning of this month. That hack has seen the leak of scripts from upcoming Game of Thrones episodes, and most recently resulted in the leak several episodes of other HBO shows like Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Via The Verge

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