The Good Old Xbox 360 is Still Getting New Features Thanks to Hulu

Hulu is bringing their new streaming interface and their live TV service to the last-gen video game console.

Usually in the tech industry these days, we’re just happy when hardware gets more than two years of consistent support — let alone 10 more on top of that! Today brings good news for Xbox 360 owners, the last-gen video game console from Microsoft that preceded the Xbox One. Hulu has made their new streaming interface available on the console, along with their subscription streaming TV service.

Hulu has already been available on the current-gen Xbox One, along with most other devices and set-top boxes, save for Roku and the PlayStation consoles. Starting today, Xbox 360 owners can now download the new Hulu interface and sign up for the beta of Hulu’s streaming TV service, which was announced this past May.

That TV service is an impressive one. In addition to securing CBS, a network many streaming TV services haven’t been able to secure, Hulu has managed to get the rights to older series like much of the old ’90s TGIF lineups. Meanwhile, their regular streaming service has been bolstered by Hulu’s own crop of original series, led by The Handmaid’s Tale. Hulu still has a long way to go to catch up with Netflix still way out in front in the streaming game, but adding another platform with a ton of users — even if it’s 12 years old — can only help.

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