The HyperX Cloud Alpha Gaming Headset Pumps Up the Sound Quality Without Pumping Up the Price

HyperX is sneaking in premium features while staying true to the brand’s budget roots.

Ever since pro gaming really took off, we’ve seen prices of gaming peripherals do the same. It can work as a branding exercise, but it doesn’t mean much to the rest of us — especially when it comes to gaming headsets. It’s easy enough to just find a decent set of headphones with an in-line mic and stop there! One exception to that rule has been HyperX, which has consistently kept their prices reasonable while slowly adding premium features like virtual surround sound. This week, they got up to more of the same by announcing the Cloud Alpha headset at Gamescom in Germany.

The HyperX Cloud line is reserved for the brand’s cushy, over-ear headphones with foam-covered boom mics. The Cloud Alpha doesn’t make too many changes to that formula — it looks like there’s plenty of padding on the headband, the in-line remote for volume control is there, and the company has used some generously sized 50 mm neodymium drivers in the earcups. The big difference is in the dual chamber design HyperX has used in those drivers. That allows them to tune for bass separately from mids and highs — the result should be much better bass response and clearer in-game audio.

Of course, they’re definitely going to be tuned for in-game audio, so they’re probably not going to be great for music — as per usual with gaming headsets. Still, they will work just fine with any device (including video game consoles like the Xbox One, the PlayStation 4, and the Nintendo Switch), if you’re inclined to try using them as your everyday headphones.

Sounds pretty cool, but we won’t know how great they are without giving them a try first. While we’d usually just recommend getting a good pair of all around headphones instead of a gaming-specific headset, we do have to give it to HyperX — they’ve shown themselves to be aware that gaming headsets are’t really premium products, and should be priced accordingly. The Cloud Alpha is priced at $100, which doesn’t look like a bad deal on paper. HyperX plans to ship the Cloud Alpha out on September 25.

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